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Essay on Rural Development

Rural development is defined as the economic, social and environmental development of nation. We are writing different essay on rural development that help your kid in their school examination and school essay competition.

Rural Development in India Essay in 200 Words

What is Rural Development? Rural Development means improving the living conditions of the people living in rural areas.

Today more than half of Indian population lives in Rural areas. The social welfare of India depends on the abundance of the villages. After independence in India, the conditions of the rural areas have been improved a bit. There are so many problems that the people in rural areas facing. For solving these problems both the government and the people have to take some serious steps.

Meaning and Concept of rural development:

  • Improvement of sanitation and for the improvement of sanitation, arrangements for supply of pure drinking water should be made. Tube-wells and ponds should be dug.
  • Education of the masses, Mass education should be introduced to remove the ignorance of the villagers. Education should be made free and compulsory.
  • Establishment of schools for poor people. Night schools should be set up for poor to teach elementary Hygiene and scientific methods of cultivation.
  • Establishment of cheap medical aid for people in rural areas. Hospitals should be established to give cheap medical aid to the people living in rural areas.
  • Construction of good roads and other means of communication is must.
  • Co-operative Credit Societies should be set up to provide loans to the peasants.

Rural development in India Essay in 300 Words

In India three-fourths of its countrymen lives in villages. It means that the strength and prosperity of nation depends on the strength and prosperity of rural areas. Therefore, it is important to free the rural India from poverty. Our government is trying its best to bring rapid growth and development in the villages.

Removal of poverty is the must and it is just the need of an hour. Efforts are being made by the Indian government to enable the rural people, to improving their living standards. Clean drinking water is being provided to rural people for good health. Our villages are no more dirty as they were years before. Now they have primary health care centers, banks, schools and colleges.

Primary education has been made free and compulsory for rural people so that maximum number of the villages may be literate. Rural houses are built, roads are constructed, Electricity is being provided for longer hours in every village. To develop the economy of the rural people different schemes are being introduced by the government India. Bank loans are made available at low interest rate. Farming method has also changed it is no more done by plough. There are harvesting machines which reap the crops. Now farmers also know much about the fertilizers. No doubt rural India has improved a lot with better roads, better electricity facilities, better houses but still much more has to be develop yet.

The progress of a nation depends upon the progress of its villages. We can say that the rural areas provide the feed back to a nation. Our rural areas have progressed a lot in every field and UNO has also started many organisations for the progress of rural areas. So, along with government we also have to join hands in the development of rural India.

Importance of Rural development in India Essay in 500 Words

Rural Development! It is a process of developing the quality of life socially and economically or improving the standard of people living in relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas.

Most of the population in India lives in villages, through, the urban areas are growing immensely over the last 20 year but these kind of development haven’t seen in rural areas yet. For development of Indian economy the rural development is must. Rural areas are still indulged in problems like hunger, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and lack of basic infrastructure like schools, hospitals, sanitation and so more. So the youths are moving from villages to cities in search of jobs. There is a need to develop rural areas with cities and standard of life has to improve there for inclusive growth.

The difference between cities and villages can be easily visible, below are some examples :

  1. Lack of Employment in villages which forces youth to move to cities creating imbalance in the ecosystem.
  2. In cities there are international fully air conditioned schools in our cities, but schools in villages still don’t have benches, chairs, computer labs. Also there is lack of teachers in rural areas
  3. In cities, there are wide roads, flyovers but many villages still don’t have proper roads which also plays an important role in the development of rural areas
  4. In cities there are many hospitals and medical facilities but in villages there is no hospital villager have to move to cities for basic treatments.
  5. There are poor sanitation facilities in rural area women are fetching water from kilometres away from wells.
  6. In cities we have 24/7 electric power supply but villagers still get 2 to 3 hours electric supply per day.

Villages need to have these basic facilities, including :

  1. They should be provided with proper land reforms to make sure land is held, owned, cultivated, irrigated to make the most efficient use and maximum output.
  2. Banking services need to be popularized and loan should be provided to the farmer for sources like agriculture.
  3. Proper electricity should be given in villages
  4. Cheap hospitals should be established for people in rural areas.

Our government has introduced a scheme Sampoorna Gramin Rozgar Yojna to provide additional  employment to rural people. Under this scheme, those who take employment from Panchayats to build durable rural assets will be get wages in cash and in food grains. These efforts will surely help in  the rural development of India.

In short we need to empower the rural people by providing them proper education and proper health care facilities. They must have infrastructures including electricity and water so that they are free from the cycle of droughts and floods. We need to provide them with self-employment so that they want to stay in villages instead of moving in cities. There is a need to empower them, not just supporting them. India will grow only when rural India grow.

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