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Essay on National integration – Importance of National Integration

Essay on National integration – Importance of National Integration

National Integration is the feeling of oneness towards our own nation despite of their personal issues with regard to religion, caste, region, race or culture. We are writing different essay on national integration to help your kid by preparing them for their school examination, school essay competition or for giving speech.

Essay on National Integration (200 Words)

National integration is a way of synthesizing divisive people and culture into a unionized. It is a process of compatibility, common identity and national consciousness as well.

National integration unifies all the diverse loyalties into one national unity. National integration is  defined as a psychological and educational process of developing common feeling of unity, harmony and cohesion in the hearts of people, a feeling of oneness and loyalty toward the country.

National integration literally means bringing all the people of one nation together into a single whole. It is a particular sentiment that bring together all people in one common bond without giving importance to their religion, caste, language or history.

There are various reasons that effect the integrity of the country. Like the communal riots, the atrocities committed on Harijans in many parts of the country, the linguistic chauvinism displayed by people, terrorist activities on particular communities and many more.

National integration is a strong cementing force where everyone stays together peacefully. We live in India. India is our own country, is a feeling that develops the very basis of national integration. India is a vast country with a vast population. If we all live together, this great human force with great resources of the country can take the whole world with us.

Essay on National Integration (300 Words)

What is National Integration? National Integration is defined as a sense of emotional togetherness in a land of people belonging to different cultures.

Today, not even a single country can claim a single communal identity. Different communities live in different states according to their caste and religion. All of them belong to the same country and live together peacefully.

National integration is really important for a vast country like India. India is a multi-lingual and multi-racial country. From time immemorial people from different communities, castes and religions are living here peacefully. In fact, unity in diversity is the strength of our civilization. Religious intolerance affect the unity, integrity and solidarity of the country. It must be removed from the country at any cost and removal of poverty and castes are also the need of the hour.

India is a multi-racial country and diversities are the feature of this country. But the culture of India makes us feel that we are the children of mother India. India is perfect example of ‘ Unity in Diversity‘. Foreign invasions and conquests from time to time, could not break the spirit of unity of culture.

Today, in many parts of  our country, people are asking for division on the basis of religion, language and caste. In the root of these churning we can see that the poverty and illiteracy of the common people make them agitated and their agitations are colored as the freedom movement. If the Indian economy develops sufficiently and if the general people can live their lives happily the churning will automatically stop.

There is a need to preserve the national integrity of our country. The feeling of togetherness among all the citizen is important for the growth of our country. Common man, politicians, religious leaders should be gathered in a common place to solve their problem.

Essay on National Integration (500 Words)

National integration describes as the togetherness and unity between individuals of same country with regard to citizenship. When people are nationally integrated, they may get a feeling of pride or patriotism. National integration is not about national spirit only. It is actually a feeling that brings peoples together from all areas, dialects and beliefs in a common endeavour. When national integration occurs, people are likely to work together to build systems that enhance the prosperity of the country. Few things that are the hurdle in bringing national integration include religious or political divides and communication barriers between people who speak different dialects or languages.

National Integration is a process of developing a feeling of unity and solidarity in the hearts of people. It is a sense of a common citizenship and a feeling of loyalty to the nation.

India is a nation of different religions and castes, Despite all these we stood solidly with great leaders like Late Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and fought for freedom of our country. But after 58 years of independence we are still discussing the way to promote national integration in the country. It is really shameful.

National integration is of great importance in India to enhance the individual level of development in the country and make it a strong country. In order to make young generation aware of National Integration 19th of November is celebrated as National Integration Day every year on the birthday anniversary of first woman Indian prime minister Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi

India is a country where people from different regions, religions, tradition, culture, race, cast, colour, and creed are living together. So, people’s integration is must in India to bring national integration. If Every single person from different religions live together by uniting, there will be no social or developmental problems in India.

There are different factors that are disturbing the integrity of the nation including the communal riots, the atrocities committed on Harijans, the linguistic chauvinism and terrorist activities unleashed on particular communities have affected the integrity of the nation. All these incidents led to the need of a greater sense of national unity among the citizen.

Even after so many years oh independence it has not been possible to get the feelings of oneness and the sense of unity. The concept of every citizen being Indian first and Indian last is not followed by the Indian’s. The battle against factional loyalty should be fought right from the beginning.

To promote the national integrity in the country the younger generations should be taught its importance. As a youth, they should know their responsibility towards their nation and have to do all the activities required for the national integration. Instead of being from different state, religions and caste we should remember that we all are one in respect to build up a strong and prosperous nation. We need to understand the real meaning of the unity in diversity in India.

The Importance of Integration at the National Level

Essay on National integration

Essay on National integration

A common bond that unites people regardless of caste, religion, or gender is the creed of national integrity. This is a sense of belonging and brotherhood in a country that places a high value on diversity. National Integration holds the country together despite its diverse cultural, linguistic, and economic backgrounds. A united nation will always make strides forward in the direction of development and prosperity.

The Purposes of National Integration

In a country like India, the goal of national integration is not only to bring people together, but also to improve their overall quality of life. National integration helps to the preservation of the country’s stability and the advancement of the country’s development. Casteism, regionalism, and linguistic differences are all battles that must be won. It aims to strengthen the national nation and to bring people together in times of need. All sections of society become self-sufficient as a result of the preservation of national integrity. The state also aims to promote economic integration as a result of this initiative. No foreign attack will ever be able to break the back of a nation. Citizens’ sense of integrity is enhanced when they have equal access to all basic rights and amenities. In a country’s political, economic, cultural, and social dimensions, national integration is essential. National integration contributes to the strengthening of the social ties that exist between people in a country, thereby promoting brotherhood, peace, and tolerance. This brings people of different races, castes, religions, and ideologies together, strengthening the country and making it more powerful on the international stage. This country’s economy will grow and prosper as a result of the fact that it has the fewest internal problems. The promotion of national integration benefits the entire country. It helps people to put aside their differences and work together for the advancement of the country.

The significance of national integration

In a country’s political, economic, cultural, and social dimensions, national integration is essential. National integration contributes to the strengthening of the social ties that exist between people in a country, thereby promoting brotherhood, peace, and tolerance. This brings people of different races, castes, religions, and ideologies together, strengthening the country and making it more powerful on the international stage. This country’s economy will grow and prosper as a result of the fact that it has the fewest internal problems. The promotion of national integration benefits the entire country. It helps people to put aside their differences and work together for the advancement of the country.

National Integration and Its Importance Today

National Integration calls into question communalism, regionalism, linguism, and other forms of division. Global terrorism, on the other hand, poses a threat to national integration. Few radicals have the ability to brainwash a large number of people. Instigation of hostility toward their motherland. In this day and age of technology and social media, it is very easy to be misled. National integration helps it easier to ignore them. People become wiser and more tolerant as a result of it. Because the integrity of a nation has been threatened numerous times throughout history, national integration is essential for a country’s survival. It had been confronted with significant internal and external threats. As a result, national integration is critical in the role of a nation. It ensures that the country’s history is preserved.


For overall development in India, national integration is essential, and it also helps to make India a more powerful country. On the 19th of November every year, National Integration Day is commemorated as a national event in order to raise public awareness of the importance of the agenda. This year’s National Integration Day coincides with the birthday of Indira Gandhi. National Integration Week, also known as Quami Ekta Week, is observed by Indians from November 19th to November 25th. Ensures that people from a variety of cultures, religions, and communities remain united as a diverse entity through national integration. To help students understand the significance of national integration, this article contains an essay on the subject. This essay on the Importance of National Integration contains numerous facts and benefits that should be shared with the younger generation in order to promote it.


People of various religions, cultures, and communities make up India’s diverse nation. Indians come from a diverse range of cultural and religious backgrounds. Although there are people from a variety of diverse backgrounds living in the country, the nation unites them all and ensures harmony and peace. It is clear from India’s massive national integration that all Indian citizens consider their nation to be their motherland, and they are zealous in their defence of it. Despite this, some people continue to stand in the way of the country’s national integration. In recent years, there has been a decline in national integration. After Independence, the Dr. Jawaharlal Nehru government took a number of steps to put into practise practical ideas and plans for greater national integration that had been developed. The National Integration Council (NIC) was established by the Indian constitution in 1961. The Indian population is made up of people who live together but hold a variety of beliefs, opinions, and practises that are incompatible with one another. It is in such situations that national integration is rare, and disunity rises, causing greater harm to society, as these issues have the potential to undermine peace, economic growth, and the nation’s image. People from different segments may experience humiliation and a lack of integrity in such situations. National disintegration can result in national crises and partition, as was the case when India was divided into Pakistan and India in 1947. We must work together as a team to prevent a recurrence of this incident and to maintain national unity. This disunity resulted in the decline of special powers such as the Mughal attack in India, which was prompted by tensions between Rajputs, and then the British invasion of India, which was prompted by rising conflicts between various sectors of Indian society, which led to the British invasion. It was the result of these attacks that the country was harmed and its entire economy was destroyed, with the consequences still being felt today. In today’s India, which is a sovereign nation, greater unity among citizens is required to achieve success. I believe it is critical for citizens to understand that they are all members of a single nation that cannot be divided for any reason, and that we must always remain united in order to progress as a stronger independent nation. Political integration exists in modern India. Emotional integration, on the other hand, can be improved. India must also achieve emotional unity and national integration in order to make further progress and development possible for the nation.


India is a diverse nation with people from various religions, languages, castes, and races. India shows unity and national integration in many ways. This came out of familiar territory, history, and a never-ending struggle for independence from British rule. For many years, the British used the Divide and Rule nation in India to consolidate their power and expand their influence. They soon gained power to make and enforce rules that suited their needs, destroying the nation’s economic independence. After a long struggle, the Indians realised the importance of national unity and stood tall to overthrow the British and gain integration. During the struggle for independence, people from all religions, castes, demographics, cultures, and communities came together. But soon after, the country disintegrated again, dividing it into India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, with negative consequences in all three nations. Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, and Parsis populate India. We can achieve national integration only when all communities live peacefully, loving people of different communities and respecting all Indian cultures, beliefs, practises and traditions. All communities must hold peaceful fairs and festivals while respecting others. People from different communities must also support each other when needed. Also, no community may do anything prohibited or illegal, or disrespect the beliefs of other communities. India has many religions and people. Hindi, English, Urdu, Oriya, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, etc. are all recognised regional languages in India. Equality among all religions and communities is essential, as are equal rights for all citizens, regardless of their backgrounds. Modernity necessitates national integration to ensure equality among all citizens, increased growth and development of citizens, and ultimately the nation. To ensure National Integration and increase citizen participation in various programmes, the Indian government established the Council of National Integration under Jawaharlal Nehru’s leadership. National Integration is the idea of combining all the nation’s groups into one. It is a sentiment that unites all citizens of the country, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. National Integration means identifying as the country’s people, not as one of the country’s many communities. India is the world’s second most populous nation. People from various communities and sectors are here. India has a rich diverse heritage, but it is not accepted because it is fully nationalised. India can achieve greater national integration by educating the youth, who are the nation’s future generation and responsible for its overall growth and development. National Integration is a sense of belonging and unity among a nation’s citizens. This is a feeling of unity despite differences in beliefs, backgrounds, and practises. It is vital to a nation’s peace and prosperity. India is a country where people live in harmony for better growth and development. Some measures are taken to improve and ensure national integration, even if it is not always effective. This sentiment must be promoted and invoked to maintain the nation’s status and development. National integration is the most important agenda for maintaining peace among all citizens of a country. It promotes peace and harmony by uniting people of all backgrounds and beliefs. The nation’s government must ensure national integration to ensure a safer and secure environment for its citizens. Many nations have failed to achieve prominence due to lack of national integration and inefficiency for better development. In such a nation, people always look for ways to bring each other down, not realising that they are impeding their own personal growth. No one in this country seems to care about the bigger picture or the country as a whole. Many people in nations with less national integration incite others and form groups to promote hatred for other existing communities and groups. This eventually threatens the country’s unity, peace, and harmony. This is a significant issue that the communities of the concerned nations must address and educate their people on. In 2013, India declared November 19th as National Integration Day. It is also the birthday of India’s first female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. The week of November 19th to 25th is designated as National Integration Week. The Indian government introduced national integration day and week to promote citizen brotherhood and unity. Various events, camps, youth festivals, and other celebrations are held across India to mark National Integration Week. All of this is done to promote national integration and promote peace and unity among citizens. Cultural activities and seminars are organised to bring people from different communities and backgrounds together to overcome all barriers and inequalities. It is a common misconception that India is a diverse nation with a common bond among its citizens. Despite the Indian government’s efforts to ensure national integration, there are still some gaps. There have been numerous religious and communal riots across the nation, claiming many innocent lives. Caste conflicts among Hindu Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras also hinder national integration. Because upper castes look down on lower castes and distinguish themselves. A growing number of religious and linguistic religions, as well as economic inequalities, threaten India’s national unity. National integration is vital in a country as diverse as India. A sense of oneness and equality among all citizens can be achieved by removing people of superiority or authority among certain groups, communities, or religions.

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