Essay on Republic Day | Why is Republic Day Celebrated Essay?

Why is Republic Day celebrated essay?

Because it commemorates the beginning of India’s constitution, we celebrate Republic Day on January 26th. It was on January 26, 1950, that the Indian constitution became effective. Year after year, on January 26, India celebrates Republic Day with great awe and celebration. For all Indians, today is a momentous occasion. It is the anniversary of India’s declaration of true independence and democracy. That is, it celebrates the date on which our nation’s constitution became law. On January 26, 1950, we achieved our independence as a sovereign, secular, socialist, and democratic republic.

Essay on Republic Day Celebration

Every year, Indians celebrate the 26th of January with a lot of fervour. Some of the things that people forget on this day include the following. It brings the country together. It exemplifies the diversity of our country. The Indian capital of New Delhi celebrates the occasion with a Republic Day Parade that demonstrates the military might of the country as well as its cultural diversity. These parades are held in other cities, and a large number of schools are represented. It’s entertaining to watch the children and professionals put forth such tremendous effort. They inspire people to be proud of their country. On this day, the national States flag is raised. In New Delhi, after the President of India hoists our National Flag, a military band plays the national anthem, which is followed by applause from the crowd. In schools, the month of March is commemorated, and all students are required to attend. On this day, many schools also hand out treats to students. While today is a joyous occasion, we must not lose sight of our forefathers’ struggle for independence. It is a day to celebrate freedom and to contribute to the development of India in the future.

Republic Day History, Significance and Facts

On August 15, 1947, our country declared its independence from British rule, but it did so without a constitution. Furthermore, India lacked the necessary experts and political power to ensure that the state ran smoothly. The 1935 Government of India Act, on the other hand, was more oriented toward colonial rule.. Consequently, an original constitution reflecting everything India stands for was required urgently. The document was presented to the Constituent Assembly on November 4, 1947, following extensive deliberation by Dr. B.R. The same committee had drafted the document. It took 166 days to complete the entire process from start to finish. The meetings of the committee were also open to the general public. Regardless of the obstacles, our constitutional committee worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone had equal rights under the law. It aimed to achieve the ideal balance so that all citizens enjoyed equal rights regardless of their country of origin, culture, caste, gender, or religious beliefs. They handed over the official Indian constitution on January 26, 1950. The Indian Parliament convened for the first time on this day in history. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India’s first president, took the oath of office on January 26th. This day is important because it marks the end of British rule and the establishment of India as a Republic State.

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