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It is the world of internet, it is not just a source of information but you can pay bills, shop online, book your tours, search for jobs, promote your business, communicate etc. We are writing essay on internet and its uses let your kid learn about advantage and disadvantage of internet.

Essay on Internet and its Uses (200 Words)

Internet is a worldwide spread computer network. The process of connecting two or more computers with cable or modem is known as internet. Internet is the only means of exchanging data through computer networking. It can be very easily accessible. To get necessary information, one just search it on Goggle if he/she have an internet connection. Internet plays an important role in the field of trade and commerce. Currently, e-commerce has become very popular all over the world. Because, anyone can buy anything online without visiting markets or shopping malls. It also plays an essential role education field as students can easily get necessary information through internet. Internet has some demerits too. Our young generation can easily get pornographic images and videos through internet. As a result, they become addicted towards internet. So one should know the limited use of internet so that he/she can get benefited from it.

Uses of Internet

  • Internet is a valuable source for a lot of information. Students can spend a few minutes over the internet to read their relevant study materials.
  • With internet, communication has become faster and easier. Video calls are an interesting option of communicating through internet.
  • Daily updates and current happenings are made available in the internet instantly.
  • The corporate world depends on internet for file sharing, data transfer, internal communication and external communication.
  • Sending money through online net-banking is also become possible through internet.

Essay on Internet and its Uses (300 Words)

What is Internet? Internet is a way to link up with all the people around the world, Internet brings us a lot of convenience; nowadays people are very much dependent on internet. Internet surfing is very easy now. Internet is available in all villages, towns, cities in almost every country. Now it is also possible to access Internet through mobile phones.

The internet has proved itself very useful tool in many ways, it has an opened gateway for people; it made it possible for us to communicate with people in any corner of the world. Allowing us to meet new people and discover new places about which we were not aware yet. The internet is easily accessible to anyone because it is an inexpensive tool.

Some people consider it as a blessing others regard it as a curse, because the internet like everything else in the world has a pros and cons. As we saw the good sides of internet we also know it has a bad side too like many people misuse the internet by placing information or data that is unacceptable such as pornography, others may use it for fraud or theft.

Advantages of internet are student no longer needs to go to the libraries for searching an information when a web search engine can provide all needed information in a single click. Students can also make projects with internet by getting any information about any place.

As with every latest technology there are those who speak high of the Internet and there are those who portray it in an unfavourable source of knowledge. And as with other latest technologies there is nothing wrong with the Internet also. It is we who have to decide how to use this technology. People must learn Internet operations and must try to collect only the useful information.

Essay on Internet and its Uses (500 Words)

Internet is a large network connection of computer Worldwide. The most common form of communication is one way that is where a website is uploaded on a server and made available to people . It can also be used for online communication via email, social sites, IM, various apps works with internet and with the use of internet one can do online video and audio chat.

Today, life without the internet is very difficult. There are many advantages and disadvantages to the Internet. People do a lot of works daily on the internet. Everyone can learn more and finds search information, instantly on internet. In the modern world, people are addicted on the internet. Especially the biggest websites like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon and many more. There are many advantages of using the internet like free access to information and communicate around the World are the best advantages of using the internet.

Using the internet helps us with so many advantages. Nowadays, people need to understand more and more. They want to know the newest News. People can search and download information on internet for free. Also, you can buy or sell anything with the help of internet on shopping sites like E-bay, Olx, Amazon, Flipkart. Besides that, social networks also improved social life. Today communicate is very important Everyone like to share their opinion with others. Facebook with over 500 million user connects many people through internet. Sometimes, people make a good relationship with the help of internet. Playing games, chatting with each others and sharing photos are other benefits of internet. As a result, using the internet helps different cultures to get closer. The internet increased awareness of people about social life.

Some of the places where the internet has made its strong position :

Education – Computers have become an important subject and taught in every school. Now with the use of internet kids can download tutorials for their studies, join online classes and get involved in several activities through the internet. Online courses are the next big change that has been possible only through the internet.

Railways – All kinds of reservations for trains are made through the customized software of the railway. Just an internet connection is required and the website can be easily accessed from any part of the world. Thus you need not wait for a long by standing in queue u can just do it by sitting in your office or home.

Banks – Bank is the place where maximum use of this technology is being made. Use of banking software’s and applications is done through the internet that makes the work easiest.

Business – Promotion has become easier with website now you can now reach to a worldwide audience and grab the marketplace for more business through internet.

Connecting with people – The social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, etc. are not only helpful in business promotion but also in personal contacts. You can easily make new friends and find your old friends and get connected with them.

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