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Short Note,Essay,Paragraph on Environment Day in English

Short Note,Essay,Paragraph on Environment Day in English

World Environment Day Essay for Students

World Environment Day is an annual campaign that takes place on June 5 and is observed by people worldwide. This campaign was launched to increase public awareness of environmental issues and to encourage people to take positive action to help the environment. It is administered by the United Nations Environment Program, which the United Nations General Assembly established in 1972 to protect the environment. Today, in particular, is an excellent day to work on environmental improvement by focusing on current environmental conditions. It is observed by citizens of over a hundred different countries worldwide. In terms of the environment, this is the day when the general public and elected officials can take inspiration from them in order to increase public works that receive political attention through the implementation of environmental awareness programmes. In the modern era, people have been compelled to work on environmental issues and to serve as active advocates for sustainable and environmentally friendly development worldwide.

What is the main purpose of World Environment Day? | World Environment Day Essay for Children

The United Nations General Assembly established World Environment Day in 1972 to mark the signing of the United Nations Convention on the Protection of the Environment and Human Health. On the other hand, this campaign was commemorated for the first time on June 5, 1973. It is observed annually, and the programme for this year’s commemoration is based on the United Nations’ theme for that year. This city-organized programme, which includes a variety of activities, is devoted to environmental issues and aims to raise awareness. This is the United Nations’ most significant day of the year because it is dedicated to environmental protection, public awareness, and raising awareness of some positive activities occurring around the world. It has developed into a large global platform in recent years, reaching people in over 100 countries.


Short and Long Essay on World Environment Day

In 1972, the United Nations General Assembly launched the World Environment Day Campaign, which has continued to this day. Each year, on the fifth of June, people commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. During the inauguration of the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment, which will take place in the near future, a declaration was made that will serve as the foundation for an annual campaign to raise awareness about environmental issues. It was established by the United Nations as a major tool for raising awareness about global warming issues as part of a global campaign to combat climate change. One of the primary goals of the United Nations’ Earth Hour campaign was to educate people about environmental realities and empower them to become active advocates for environmentally friendly development worldwide. Additionally, this (World Environment Day) aims to shift public perceptions of the environment in order to ensure a more secure future. Each year on June 5th, the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology, and Environmental Education commemorates World Environment Day by organising activities at the state level on a variety of topics. World Environment Day 2016 had as its theme “The fight against illegal wildlife trade for human consumption.”


World Environment Day Essay

The World Environment Day Campaign was established to improve and naturalise life for everyone on the planet. Its mission is to effect positive changes in the global environment. Nowadays, environmental issues are a major concern, and everyone must be aware of them and take positive action to address them. In any country, young people have the greatest hope for environmental improvement as a result of pollution and global warming. This is particularly true for developing nations.


Essay on World Environment Day

World Environment Day is observed annually on June 5th. This initiative was launched by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to increase global awareness of environmental issues and to promote sustainable development. This campaign was launched to inspire people to take positive action to protect the environment and the planet’s natural resources (earth). This campaign was launched in conjunction with the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. It is administered by the United Nations Environment Program. Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India planted a tree on World Environment Day 2015 in the garden of his official residence (7, Race Course Road, New Delhi), which is located in the heart of the city. The primary objective of this campaign is to increase public awareness and encourage participation in a television and radio programme featuring celebrities. The Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Environment Program sent messages to people all over the world encouraging them to participate in World Environment Day. This campaign is an invitation to a large number of people to participate in this programme, so that they can gain a true understanding of the state of the environment and develop into environmental leaders capable of reversing climate change through the implementation of effective programmes to mitigate negative environmental impacts. We should participate in this programme to ensure a brighter future, and we must commit to environmental protection.

World Environment Day Essay

World Environment Day is an annual campaign held on June 5th to inspire people worldwide to take action to mitigate the negative effects of the environment on their lives. The campaign’s objective is to inspire people to take action to effect positive change in the environment, to pay attention to the state of the environment, and to ensure the long-term survival of our home planet Earth. World Environment Day is observed in India through a variety of activities held in schools and colleges across the country. Our environment continues to deteriorate daily as a result of pollution and global warming. Our country should promote eco-friendly development in order to safeguard the environment for future generations.

Short and Long Paragraphs on World Environment Day

On June 5, people from over a hundred countries will gather to mark World Environment Day. Despite the fact that it was announced and established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, the annual commemoration programme began in 1973 and continues to this day. The United Nations announces a specific theme or topic for discussion during its annual event. Each year, different cities organise this campaign, during which international exhibitions are held in a variety of locations throughout the world throughout the week. Through the implementation of this campaign, the United Nations encourages people to raise awareness and enthusiasm for the environment. This is a highly effective annual campaign that promotes both positive public activities and public attention to politics. Throughout the year, various activities and programmes are planned to maximise effectiveness and to address the specific theme or theme objectives of the time period under consideration. World Environment Day is not only organised by the host city, but also by other countries, which host parades and clean-up activities, recycling initiatives, and plantations in their states, cities, neighbourhoods, schools, colleges, and public spaces. Along with the host city, other countries host World Environment Day events throughout their green spaces. It is encouraged and people are mobilised to bring attention to the deteriorating state of our beloved home planet. Due to the fact that this day is not a public holiday, all schools and offices are open, and no one is taking a day off from work or studies. This programme is a collaborative effort to engage in some beneficial activities that will aid in the preservation of our planet’s natural beauty. Throughout the year, we must keep the program’s objectives in mind through efforts such as beautification and cleaning of the surrounding environment, water conservation, low power consumption, consumption of biological and locally grown foods, and protection of wild animals and other wildlife. Numerous these tasks should be consolidated into a centralised workflow. For the remainder of our lives, we have only this planet; it is our home, and we are all responsible for preserving its natural splendour in perpetuity.

Essay on World Environment Day in English for Kids

The United Nations International Day for the Protection of the Environment (World Environment Day) is observed on June 5th to increase awareness of environmental issues and to encourage the implementation of new and effective programmes that will make the environment safer, healthier, and more secure for future generations. The United Nations General Assembly made this announcement in 1972 to kick off the “Stockholm Human Environment Conference,” a special session on the environment. While promoting environmental awareness among people worldwide, it is also celebrated annually with the goal of encouraging and motivating people to engage in physical activity in the context of preserving a clean and beautiful environment on Earth, among other things. It requires considerable planning because it is one of the most significant holidays of the year, when political and public works take on added significance. World Environment Day was established with a variety of plans, agendas, and objectives in mind, all of which are geared toward eradicating all environmental problems and transforming the planet into a truly beautiful place. It was necessary to establish this special environment programme in order to focus on environmental issues and to provide a face for environmental issues to the general public. This function, among other things, helps us understand the critical nature of a healthy environment for a healthy life and motivates people to take an active role in ensuring environmentally friendly development worldwide. It raises public awareness of environmental issues, and it is critical that all countries and people change their behaviour in the face of environmental threats in order to ensure a safer and more prosperous future. World Environment Day is observed annually on June 5 by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). Although it is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, it is observed in over 100 countries worldwide. Although it was established in 1972, it was not celebrated officially until 1973. Each year’s conference, which is hosted by a different city, focuses on a different topic or subject (also known as the host country). It is commemorated as a result of the international cooperation of the celebration’s participants. The 2016 World Environment Day, which was hosted by Angola, had as its theme “a struggle against illegal wildlife trade for life.” This conference’s objective was to bring together people from all over the world in order to improve forest management in order to combat global warming. Additionally, workshops are held in the context of fixed plan management to educate and inspire young people about environmental and climate change issues in order to ensure the planet’s future security. For the protection of natural resources through the prevention of global warming in environmentally friendly infrastructure, and in Chennai and Bangalore, 2009 saw the organisation of art competitions, training programmes for students on how to manage e-waste (electronic waste), and renewable energy sources. Rainwater conservation and reuse are among the debate competition’s topics, which also include global warming, biological impairment, and the city’s mean temperature. Among other things, he has organised environmental fairs.

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