Child labor Essay

Child Labour Essay for School Students in English

You’ve probably heard the term “child labour” if you’ve been watching the news or movies. Children are compelled to work from an early age in this case, which is considered a crime. It’s the equivalent of expecting kids to take on adult responsibilities such as employment and self-sufficiency. Certain policies have been implemented that restrict and limit the employment opportunities available to children. A child must be fifteen years of age or older to be considered suitable for work. Under no circumstances will children under the age of eighteen be permitted to engage in any type of forced work. Child labour deprives kids, among other things, of the opportunity to have a normal childhood, a proper education, and physical and mental well-being. While it is illegal in some countries, it is far from being eradicated globally.

Child labour Must Be Eliminated (Child Labour Essay for Students in English)

If we are to eradicate child labour completely, we must develop some extremely effective solutions that will save our children’s lives. As a result, the future of any country dealing with these social issues will be enhanced. To begin, it is possible to form a number of labour unions dedicated exclusively to child labour prevention. It should encourage children to participate in this work and penalise those who coerce them. Additionally, we must educate parents to instil in them the value of education as a lifelong endeavour. If we make education free and publicise this fact, we will be able to educate an increasing number of children who will no longer be forced to work as children. Additionally, it is critical to raise public awareness about the negative consequences of child labour. Additionally, family control measures must be implemented. This alleviates the financial strain on the family, and with fewer mouths to feed, the parents can work for themselves rather than for the children. Indeed, for a family to survive, the government must ensure that they receive a bare minimum income. Collaboration between the government and the populace is necessary. Employment opportunities must be made widely available to people so they can earn a living rather than sending their kids to work. Our children are the future of our country, and we cannot expect them to sacrifice a normal childhood to maintain their families’ economic conditions.

The Root Causes of Child labour (What is child labour in simple words?)

Children are compelled to work for a variety of reasons. While some of the reasons are universal in some countries, others are unique to specific areas and regions. By examining the factors that contribute to child labour, we can develop more effective strategies for combating it. To begin, it is prevalent in countries with a high rate of poverty and unemployment. When families are unable to support themselves financially, they employ their children to work in the family to earn enough money to survive. Similarly, if an adult in the family is unable to work, the younger members of the family must step in. Additionally, when individuals lack access to education, they are more likely to work alongside their children in order to enter the labour force. The uneducated are only concerned with the here and now, which is why they force children to work in order to survive. Additionally, the desire of various industries to save money contributes significantly to child labour’s prevalence. They hire children because they can pay them less than an adult can for the same work. Children are preferred over adults due to the fact that they work more children and earn less money. They are easily manipulated and influenced by them. They are purely profit-driven, which is why they employ children in factories.

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