Essay on Save Forests

Our forests are important, and it’s our duty to make sure that they are not destroyed. Below we are providing few essay on save forest which very general topic your child may get in their school essay competition. So enhance the knowledge of your kid on how important these forests are.

Essay on Save Forest (200 Words)

Save Forest 200 to 500 Words Essays, Notes, Articles, Paragraphs and Speech on Save Forest in English

  • Why it is needed to protect forests? Forests! It give us more than half oxygen for breathing and without oxygen, we couldn’t survive. So next time think twice before wasting paper.
  • A forest does not mean just trees, but it’s an entire complex or a living community. Many interdependent species of plants and animals lives beneath the forest canopy, the forest soil is a home to large variety of bacteria and fungi, which play an essential role in nutrients in the soil and the forest. The cutting of trees is creating many problems in the surroundings, and it is important that everyone become actively involved in protecting forests. The survival of the rich generation of flora and fauna has come under threat as a result of exploitation of forests.
  • Deforestation results in loosening of soil and the upper layer of fertile earth is eroding, which is resulting in uncontrolled flooding when it rains. In addition, erosion is seriously effecting agricultural production. Forests have its great importance in human’s life.
  • We would reduce the cutting of trees to least. If we are building a house we will make sure to use the least amount of wood. Like instead of using wood for the frames of new houses, use metal frames.
  • A tree is beautiful, it has a right to life; like water, sun and stars and it is important part of human life. Life on earth is inconceivable without trees. So be careful and save forests.


Essay on Save Forest (300 words)

Save Forest 200 to 500 Words Essays, Notes, Articles, Paragraphs and Speech on Save Forest in English

Forests are very important to the environment because they consume carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. They also give shelter and food to various plants and animals.

  • Forests are fundamental to humanity. They give us wood, raw materials, increase underground water supply and humidity of air, prevent floods and soil erosion, and offer a shelter to the wildlife, control air pollution. On a high sunny day a large elm tree gives off vapor equal to 1500 gallons of water. According to a UN report, rain forests are destroyed to a large extent. Man has cutting off trees without paying any attention to the destruction he is causing to his own life. Hillsides have stripped off its vegetation cover in the Himalayas that are major reasons for the avalanches, earthquakes and landslides. Deforestation not only affect the natural beauty of earth but also affect the ecological balance.
  • Trees have been cutting down for many personal reasons but the main reasons are to make space to build new houses, buildings, malls etc. Forest are also been cutting to clear land to grow grass for cows and sheep to eat, to produce dairy foods. The trees which are falling down are used in making paper and furniture.
  • Cutting down trees can have serious effect. If the shelter of animals gets destroyed, many species will become extinct.  Deforestation also affects the climate. When rain falls on forest, new clouds formed but when large areas of trees will fall down, clouds will not form, rain does not fall and the land becomes drier. The CO2 will increase in atmosphere and adds to the global warming which is making the Earth hotter.
  • So we can save our earth by planting trees faster than they are cutting down. We can help to save forests by reusing and recycling paper.


Essay on Save Forest (500 words)

Save Forest 200 to 500 Words Essays, Notes, Articles, Paragraphs and Speech on Save Forest in English

So far as human knowledge life exists only on this planet. So It is our duty to take of earth and forests plays a very important role in a developing country like India that has a burden of enormous population pressure, poverty, water and air pollution and still trying to carry out ambitious development project needs no elaboration. But we are continuously exploiting our natural resources like forest.

  • The consequences of such reckless use of trees and other natural resources would be disastrous. Over the past decade, more and more attention must paid, all over the world, to forests, on which human life depends and the maintenance of forest is now increasingly being considered as essential for humanity.
  • What forests are actually means? Are they just large areas of land covered with trees? No, a forest is much more than just trees. It also includes smaller under growing plants like mosses, shrubs, bushes and flowers as well as it includes many kinds of birds, insects and other animals, who make their homes in the forests.
  • Forests always play an importance role human beings survival. Prehistoric people found their food mainly in forest by hunting animals and by gathering wild fruits. With the development of civilization, people settled in towns and cities. But they still went to the forests in search of timber and to hunt. And still, people depend on forests for their economic value, their environmental value and the valued culture and recreation.
  • Forests are the main source of many useful products such as wood, gum, various fats, oils etc. In some tribal society, forest plants and animals are food for some people. We cannot deny them of their food. The structure of a forest has a display on its access on noise effect. If a 50 m wide park can reduce the traffic noise by 20 to 30 decibel. Forests thus provide indirect protection against noise. A large area of a forest having broad-leafed trees can collect about 30 to 50 tons of dust, thus, forests protect us from noise as well as air pollution.
  • As long as forests exist, people can use forest products. Forests also regulate the climate directly. They are home to many plants and animals that can live nowhere else. By eliminating these forests, we are not only destroying our future, but theirs as well.
  • Today, large numbers of forests are being destroyed because of logging activities, industrial pollution and for human’s selfish needs. Continuous destruction of forest is often a symptom of social unrest. Large numbers of poor landless families move into the forests and cut the trees and use land for growing crops. In the commercial timber industry, trees are also fallen down for export.

Today there is a need to generate a massive public awareness and concern to save our forests. we must reduce the use of wood to an absolute minimum. By saving forest we can give a better future to our coming generation.

Essay on Save Girl Child

Essay on Save Girl Child | Save the Girl Child (200 Words)


A Girl child brings joy, She is no less than a Boy

Gender inequality is still deeply embedded in our society. A girl child is equally important as a boy in the life of parents. Both are as necessary for the existence of life on the land. Even today, there are various segments of the Indian society where girl child is prepense as a strain.  While several privileges are granted to the boys; girls are often confined to households and fed very little or no chances to develop in spirit. It is a thing of great shame that cases of female infanticide are still reported on daily basis.

Several studies have suggested that genises  for the problem of female foeticide are Low position of women in the society, Extreme poverty and illiteracy  conditions which forces the people to envisage the dowry associated with a girl child , less food and less access to training and education.

Some of the modus to unchain the stigma associated with a girl child  are Women empowerment, awareness of the fact that a girl child is equally important as a boy child, screaming down the consciousness of society by developing them on the importance of the girl child, ensuring that Doctors and other medical professionals should never indulge in any malpractices such as  prenatal sex determination.

We belong to the modern generation of humanity and seek an environment where every human-Being is considered liberal and equal.


Essay on Save Girl Child | Save the Girl Child (300 Words)


Women empowered means India empowered and to legitimize women in future we need to empower our girl child of today. Traditions and rituals rundown the existence of the Indian girl child. Amidst clamor of gender parity and prosecution of laws protecting their wellbeing, female debris are still found dumped in trash, by the dozens.

Her second rate autonomy is echoed in the repudiation of fundamental needs and rights and in such catastrophic attitudes and practices as a preference for sons, female genital mutilation, incest, sexual exploitation, domestic wrongdoing, bigority, early marriage, less food and less access to education

With more and more female fetuses are still being selectively terminated after illegal pre-natal sex determination, the number of female infants per 1000 male infant is rapidly declining. Skewed sex ratio has led to an alarming emergency.

The ethos that a girl is an obligation needs to be washed off  and this requires happening at the grass root level. While radial awareness is demanding, there is a need of stringent laws in place which would dissuade people from resorting to female foeticide. Education plays a vital role here and goes a long way in empowering women. And the process of education has to begin early in life. More and more girl children need to be sent to school  providing element and comprehensive education At the same time, a society with has educated girls would witness  less child marriages, abated levels of poverty and profound participation of women in socio-economic processes. Educating a girl has far-reaching impacts. It is aptly said that when a woman is educated, an entire generation benefits from it.

There is a dread need to change this antiquated mentality of the patriarchal Indian society which needs to start  viewing  girls as a asset rather than a liability. It needs to be established that girls are in no way less than boys.


Essay on Save Girl Child | Save the Girl Child (500 Words)


Female Foeticide is suicide

Women have provided a considerable contribution to the boom in economy, innovative technologies and studying up every potential task. From making the morning breakfast to walking in space, they have established their presence felt in every area of spirit. Thus far in every strata of the Indian society, there nevertheless remains a cloud of dread and insecurity when a girl kid is born. Poor households, when confronted with the choice, often opt to send their male children to educate instead of their female children, instead saddling female children with heavy household chores.

Causes of female foeticide

The girl child is not only unsafe inside her mother’s womb.She has to face various hardships because of gender inequality,even after her birth.

  1. There is an extreme desire for boy-child among some sections of our society.
  2. Ignorant people are ignorant people, and not able to judge their actions in the proper position.
  3. Expectation that a girl child is an economic burden is essentially due to the prevalence of dowry system still abundant in the guild
  4. Preexisting low social status of adult females

How to save a girl child

  1. Rigorous enforcement of laws relating to medical scanning. It is unfortunate that people still misuse the ultrasonography (diagnostic sonography) scan to decide the gender  of the unborn child
  2. Dowry stem should be effectively discouraged through media campaigns. Emphasis should be established to impart moral education to put an end to this vicious system.
  3. Educate people that there is no difference between a girl and a boy child.

Present Status

While the overall gender ratio of the state has moved up since the last census in 2001, from 933 to 940, the child sex ratio in the age group 0-6 years has plummeted from 927 to 914.Mizoram has the highest sex ratio 971 followed by Meghalaya 970 while Harayana remains the country with the lowest ratio of 830 per 1000 boys


The ‘save the child, girl, educate the girl child’ initiative is actively backed by the Government, corporate groups, human rights activists and NGOS. The corporate India, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),  is also earmarking funds for the welfare of school going girls.

Female foeticide is both a national problem and a social evil. It’s unbelievable that the urge for a boy-child makes them so cruel that they dare to kill the yet to be born. As such, it is crucial to step in and save the female children.

We belong to the modern generation of humanity and seek an environment where every unborn child is welcomed without any gender bias.

Essay on Importance of Education

Essay on Importance of Education (200 words)

Education – A man’s future building tool .We all often hear that better the education, the farther we go in life.  It develops confidence and helps building personality of a person. The process of inculcating education starts at school, which is why it is sad that school education plays a decisive role in our lives. The process of education has been bifurcated into three divisions, the primary education, secondary education and Higher Secondary education, each division bearing its own emphasis and aid. Primary education develops the foundation which helps throughout the life, secondary education prepares the aisle for further studies and higher secondary education  paves the way for the prepares the eventual path which helps us in taking the decisions as to what we want to do and where we want to go. The quality of our education helps in shaping our character.

The stigma that female education is not as necessary as male education needs to be busted. The world needs to understand that education is paramount for both for the formation of a robust and educated society. Education not only is a tool for getting radiant future, but also plays a vital role in the augmented and progressed country. Citizens of the country become responsible for the better future and development of the country. Highly educated people become the base of the developed country. So, proper education makes the bright future of both, the individual and the country. It is only educated leaders who build the nation and lead it to the height of success and progress. Education makes people as perfect and noble as possible.

Essay on Importance of Education (300 words)

Education- a true asset in a man’s life. This asset not only works for his welfare, but entire nation benefits from it .The best national resource in today’s world is human capital. Education not only succors him in probing better opportunities for himself, but also helps the nation to take out the lagniappe from this educated asset.

Good education helps us in understanding many prospects of life such as enrichment of the personal advancement, increased social status, social health, helps us progress economically, setting goals in life  and escalates our awareness towards prevailing social issues. The modern education system has removed all the complexities with the introduction of distant learning programmes and is fully competent to evacuate the prevailing social issues of bewilderment and discrimination done among people on the basis of caste , race, religion and creed.

Education evolves an individual’s mind which triggers his acumen giving him a sense in working towards the betterment of the society. An educated man is only a good learner but also understands every facet of life. It provides the ability to understand all the human rights, social rights, duties and responsibilities towards the country. It transforms the speculations by bringing in the positivities and kicking off the negativities.

A preeminent role is played by our parents in shaping our minds towards education since childhood. They send us to the best educational institutions where we get innumerable opportunities to boost our knowledge and open our minds to the various issues around the world. We are inculcated habits like reading news paper, watching educational programmes on TV, reading knowledgeable books ,etc. Education makes us more refined and better educated. It not only helps us in achieving the dreamed position on job, but also in achieving a better position in society.

Essay on Importance of Education (500 words)

Education refers to the organized process of attaining knowledge and know-how through study and guidance. Now-a-days education is not only about sticking to books and securing good marks. It means to discover and explore things which were unknown, so that we can enhance our knowledge and skill set. Only an educated person will know how to .An educated person has the ability to demarcate between good and evil.

In such an ambitious world the relevance of education has increased in securing a good job and moving in the direction on your goals. Proper education makes us mentally and socially strong by increasing our knowledge. Education is a very good tool which benefits all through the life.

Reasons why Education is Important

There are many reasons why education is important. They are discussed below:

  1. Protecting the National Interest

Education produces doctors, engineers, scientists, IAs officers who protect national interest by forming their independent conclusions and judgments and working in the same direction.

  1. Patrons of human race

Eminent writers, scientists, social reformers and many such men due to their practical acumen are the true benefactors of a human race.

  1. Spunk of developing countries

People need to understand that education is the backbone of any developing country and sustainable development of economy is directly proportional number of educated citizens in that country. We need to realize that human capital which is considered as a national asset and resource to any country needs to be educated for the progress of the country.

  1. Values

We all know that educational intuitions are not there to produce saints, but they can indoctrinate the values, feeling of respect so that the individuals are able to understand the concept of human welfare.

  1. Education produces country’s future

We all know that the children of today are the citizens of tomorrow, thus if a child studies hard today and becomes a wise men he will surely be a good citizen in coming era.  It is very difficult to access the loss endured by the entire human race on account of want of education by men and women who had exceptional talent but could not utilize it.

  1. Relish life

Education empowers  young men to evolve all the underlying powers and forte to enjoy a good life. 

  1. Shaping a person’s character

Education helps in building the character of a person and making him a responsible person who is aware of his duties and responsibilities. 

  1. Creates a room for Curiosity

An educated man has a room full of curiosities and develops a passion to know all his unfigured answers. 

  1. Earn a livelihood

An educated person can easily meet the basic material needs of life by earning a livelihood for himself

It has become increasingly important to understand education does not focus on one single virtue, but to produces humans who are well versed with the life and its theories. For a society to be more civilized and culturalized we need to have educated men and women.